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Disposal of trees, limbs, clippings!

Neighbors, the waste companies that operate in subdivision WILL NOT pick up debris that doesn't fit within the receptacle. Please DO NOT place this debris on the curb. It is an eye sore and violation of the Restrictions.

New Board Members Announced at Annual Meeting

Current Board for 2018

Henry Kneiper  (President)

Jaszmine Eugene  (Secretary)

Kevin Day  (Treasurer)

Brandon Dumas  (Member)

Shawn Nolan (Member)

Neighborhood Alert System!

The HOA maintains a neighborhood alert and mass communications system to notify Fountain Hill residents of important neighborhood related security alerts, emergency updates, and issues that involve ALL residents. To be placed on the system you must be a current resident or lot owner, and provide a Board Member with a current working e-mail address. You can contact a Board Member by (Submitting a Comment to The HOA Section of the Website)


Note: The HOA does not share e-mail addresses and/or information and all content is private and confidential.

Security Camera Access Policy

Weed Treatments in Finger Lakes

Neighbors, the Association is handling all chemical treatments in the finger lakes for weed control. Please do not use or apply your own treatments if you are affected by the weeds as this will cause an unwanted outcome.

New Neighborhood Management Services (December 1, 2012)

The FHHOA Board of Directors, has contracted the services of Keystone  - real estate management. They will over see compliance of Fountain Hill Restrictions, handle collections and litigations, and make regular on-site inspections in the neghborhood.

The new managmegment company is: Keystone Residential Management

If you have any questions or comments direct them to John Bugea; Keystone Residential Management, 11929 Sunray Ave., B.R., La. 70816; Telephone: 225-923-2800 Fax: 225-923-2569


See "Our Association" Page for current contact info 

Private Page Access

To access the private resident's pages you must enter the e-mail address that the HOA has on hand and enter the word "lot" and your lot number as the password,
user name:
password:  lot203
If you cannot access the pages after that or if you wish to access them with a new address, you must send an e-mail to Kevin Day at and provide him with a current working e-mail address that you would like to access with. 


In a response to increased soliciting, it was decided by the Board that door to door soliciting be disallowed in the neighborhood. And while some solicitors are actually permitted by the Parish, permitted solicitors are forbidden in neighborhoods that post a visible sign or marquee stating that.

Please be forwarned that a sign is only a tool to dissaude legitimate solicitors in your neighborhood that have permits issued by the Parish. These remain public streets where ANYONE can enter.

Restrictions Changes (No leasing / renting allowed in Fountain Hill)

In June 2009, the Fountain Hill Home Owners Association executed, submitted, and recorded a petition with the Ascension Parish Clerk of Court, authorizing and enacting a change in the neighborhood Restrictions to forbid renting and/or leasing any residence within the subdivision. The complete verbiage can be viewed in the Restrictions page.

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