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Fountain Hill Pool Rules 

The pool is available for the use of all Fountain Hill Subdivision Homeowners Association members in good standing (no past due assessments or other charges).  The gate lock is controlled electronically with access via electronic fob. The system records the time and date of each fob as it is scanned. Plesae contact RSS to obtain your fob. The cost of a fob is $25.00. Only one active fob may be issued per member lot.

·     Pool is open Year Round

·        Pool hours are 7:00am – 9:00 pm Sunday through Thursday and 7:00am - 10:00pm on Friday and Saturday.

·    The pool gate must remain locked at all times.  Please close the gate after entering, and do not unlock it for others.  Each member should use his/her own key to enter and leave.

·    The pool and the surrounding area are for the use of Association members in good standing and their accompanied guests only.

·    The pool is for the enjoyment of all members and their immediate families. In an effort to accommodate all members, no more than 4 guests per resident are allowed. Memberss are required to accompany their guests at all times.

·     Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult at least 18 or older at all times.

·     Members are responsible for assessing the safety of the pool and pool area before use.  Please report any unsafe conditions to RSS or a board member immediately.

·        Pool furniture is available on a first come first served basis.

·        Pool furniture is not allowed in the pool.

·     Food is permitted under the covered porch area of the clubhouse only.

·        All trash shall be properly discarded in the pool area trash cans or removed from the premises.

·         No glass containers are allowed in pool area.

·        No animals are allowed in pool area.

·     No smoking in the pool area.

·        No diving at any time.

·        No jumping off of planters.

·        The pool life rings shall only be used for emergencies.

·        No one is allowed in the fenced area containing the pumps, timers, etc. unless authorized by the Board. 

·     There is no lifeguard on duty.  All bathers swim at their own risk.

·        Please note that all pool and clubhouse areas are videotaped 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.. 

·    Members and guests must abide by all rules and regulations or risk the forfeiture of pool privileges. Members will be held responsible for all damage caused by themselves, their families or their guests.

Special Note: Please properly discard and remove all your trash! Please Don’t Litter!   


If calling 911, this address is:

36190 Pleasant Hills Court, Prairieville

Ascension Sheriff          621-8300

Fountain Hill Club House Rental Fees and Rules 

  $200.00   Deposit

  $200.00 Half Day

  $300.00 Full Day       


Rental is handled by neighbor Jaime Lagattuta (225-673-4639 or 225-910-0857)


The Club House is available for rent all year.  Shared use of the pool is included in your rental fee (March 1-December 1), but the pool cannot be privately reserved.

Only homeowners of Fountain Hill are allowed to rent the clubhouse and that / those member(s) must be present during the function at all times


A two week lead time is required to schedule the reservation.


A signed liability/damage waiver is required. Printable version is below.


A $200.00 deposit is required to hold the reservation and is payable at the time of scheduling. The deposit will be refunded after the function after the key is returned and it is determined that the club house was properly cleaned. The deposit is nonrefundable if the event is cancelled within two weeks of scheduled date.


The key can be picked up the day before (unless another scheduled function is ongoing) or the day of the function, but not earlier.


Reservation is valid from 6:00am to 12:00am.


Renter is responsible for cleaning.


Renter is responsible for damages.


Click on the file below to read and print the Liability Waiver for Clubhouse Rental

Liability Waiver for Clubhouse Rental

Fountain Hill Homeowners Association
Prairieville, Louisiana 70769